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【Kagoshima】The Nanshu Cemetery【Cafe at the Grave!?】


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In this post, I’d like to share with you about The Nanshu Cemetery

The Nanshu Cemetery

This is Saigo Takamori’s grave.

Saigo Takamori is a famous historical figure who is from Kagoshima.

I met a lovely cat🐈

Cafe at the Grave

There is a cafe at the Grave

「軽食・雑貨 和かふぇなんしゅう」

You can see the grave from the cafe😄

I enjoyed tea 🍵

What a solemn atmosphere

And there is Omikuji

What’s Omikuji?
Omikuji is a paper fortune

I took ”Great Fortune”💕

How to get there?

Address:2-1, Kamitatsuocho, Kagoshima Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 892-0851, Japan

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I made a VLOG✨

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