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【Kagoshima City】Amami-no-Sato

In this post, I’d like to share with you guys Amami no Sato

It’s located in Kagoshima city but I feel like I’m in Amami💕

If you’re interested in nature or Japanese garden, this place would be perfect for you:)

What’s Amami no Sato

Amami no Sato is the place where you can enjoy Amami’s culture and nature🌱

Amami is a big island where belongs to Kagoshima.

Recently Amami island picked as Natural World Heritage site✨

You can go to Amami island by airplane or ferry but because of the Covid-19 it’s getting kinda hard to travel there.

But don’t worry about it😄✨

You can experience nature and culture of Amami in this place:)

Isn’t it great!?❤️

There are also traditional Amami-style house.

Amami is famous for silk fabrics.

You can learn the production process of it here.

How to get there?

Address:1-8-1, Nanei, Kagoshima Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 891-0122, Japan
Instagram :@amaminosato

Thank you for reading💕