Kagoshima Guide

【Kagoshima】English Afternoon tea in Kagoshima

Do you know that you can enjoy English Afternoon tea in Kagoshima!?!?

It’s called Satsuma-Eikoku-kan(薩摩英国館)

It’s located in Chiran town, Kagoshima


Wow✨There is a big London bus!!

How cool is that😍❤️

You can go inside the bus💕

It felt like I’m traveling in London:p haha

I enjoyed English Afternoon tea at the cafe.

And I had the best scone I’ve ever had.

How to get there?

Address:1374-6, Chirancho Kori, Minamikyushu Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 897-0302, Japan

Thank you for reading💕