Kagoshima Guide

【Kagoshima Guide】Terushima Shrine【Ichiki-Kushikino】

In this post, I’d love to share with you a small shrine in Kagoshima.

It’s Terushima Shrine

What is Terushima Shrine?

Terushima is a small island covered with forest and no one lives.

There is a small shrine on the top of mountain.

To visit the island, we use this beautiful red bridge.

I’m getting a bit of Spirited Away vibe here😊haha

This stairs leading to the main shrine

Here is the main shrine✨

I met a cute cat💕

What a view!!!✨

How to get to Terushima Shrine?

Address:410, Nishishimabiracho, Ichikikushikino Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 896-0032, Japan
There is a parking lot(free)

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It’s a beautiful and spiritual island and shrine:)

I highly recommend you to go to this place🌸

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