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【Kagoshima Cafe】Kent Cofee【Coffee stand in Onsen!?】

In this post, I’m gonna share with you coffee stand in Kagoshima.

It’s ”ケントコーヒー(kent coffee)”

A Coffee stand in Onsen!?

I heard there is a coffee stand in Onsen.

I found it very interesting so I tried going there:)

This is Onsen(hot spring facility) ”市来ふれあい温泉センター”( Ichiki-fureai-onsen-center)

Kent Coffee is located in rest area.

Cozy vibe✨I love it💕

※Ignore the fact that I ordered a float(not coffee)😂

It was a hot day so I desperately needed ice cream :p

It was really tasty💕

Actually I went to the famous glamping site next to the coffee stand too.

It’s Fukiagehama Field Hotel

🌻To find more about this hotel, please check out here⬇︎

Also I went to japanese tea stand too.

It’s in Hioki City, Kagoshima.

It took about 15 minutes by car from Kent Coffee☕️

How to get there?

Address:1-100, Minatomachi, Ichikikushikino Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 899-2101, Japan
Instagram @kent_coffee_

Thank you♪

Thank you for reading💕

It’s very cozy and nice coffee shop!

Thank you again for stopping by, and be sure to come back soon!