Kagoshima Guide

【Kagoshima・Aira】Ryumon Falls

Do you want to relax in nature?

Then I recommend you to go to Kajiki Town(Aira City) in Kagoshima.

There is beautiful waterfalls.

So I’m gonna share it with you guys!

What’s Ryumon Falls

Ryumon Falls is the waterfalls that is about 46 meters in height.

I was surprised by how big that waterfalls were.

Even from a distance, I was able to feel that waterfalls were majestic✨

How to get there?

Adress:5266-1, Kajikicho Kida, Aira Shi, Kagoshima Ken, 899-5241, Japan
Phone Number:0995-66-3145
Access:10min by car from JR/Kajiki Station
(There is Free Parking lot)

5min walk from parking lot

You should walk 5~10 minutes from parking lot.

It’s a kind of country road.

So I think it’d be good opportunity for you to experience Japanese countryside.

Be Careful!!

You can go down the stairs and see the waterfalls right in front of you.

It’s supre slippery so make sure you are wearing shoes that are easy to walk in. Do not wear heals😂

There are some place could be dangerous!!

I felt like I went on an adventure:p lol

Felt so refreshed!!

I was showered with nagative ions!

It felt so gooooooooooood✨

The waterfalls look like this!

The water is so clear. I wanted to swim there.

Let’s go to Ryumon Falls

I felt so refreshed by such a wonderful nature🌱

If you have a chance, please go and give it a try!!

Thank you for reading.